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Do You Need A Remote Recording Studio In A Box?

Monday May 10, 2021

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Say you’re planning an event. Or you’ve got an important message that needs to get out to a key audience. Maybe it’s something you’ve been putting off while waiting for traditional in-person meetings to resume.

But the fact is, your audience still can’t gather safely and the thought of leaning on another Zoom, WebEx or Teams meeting makes you want to cry a little.

Your answer? Turn your event into an engaging TV broadcast.

Are your speakers unable or unwilling to travel to a studio location? Are the microphone and camera they are using from their home office producing less-than-acceptable results? Do the words “studio lighting” mean next to nothing to your key presenters?

Good news. Finding new ways to solve for content production needs during a pandemic has become a favorite pastime at Hartmann Studios.

We can bring the studio to your speakers when going to a studio isn’t an option.

We all miss crafting presentations for live stages in state-of-the-art equipped venues. The fact is that there are convenient, and even cost effective, alternatives that will still deliver that level of finish and polish you want while everyone remains distanced.

A studio experience from the comfort and safety of your home office

Remote recording kits are one of Hartmann Studios’ most popular video recording solutions. Kits come in many shapes and sizes to fit the level of support needed. They can be prepacked with the camera and light built into the shipping case, providing a truly user-friendly plug-and-play experience.

Here are some exciting benefits and options:

  • Professional A/V equipment shipped directly to your speaker’s front door
  • Allow presenters to be in the comfort of their own home with professional remote engineering support
  • Remote kits can be configured for individual and group recordings
  • Add a second screen. This can be remotely controlled and serves as a teleprompter, or confidence monitor, so presenters can view their slides and notes while speaking

Green screen magic

Create a fully customizable virtual background for your speakers using a simple green screen which they can easily set up in their home office.

  • Great for branding opportunities
  • Create a cohesive environment
Man at a desk in front of a green screen, recording a presentation on a laptop.

Green screen technology also allows us to bring presenters together, appearing as though they are in the same room even if they are time zones apart.

Live or pre-recorded?

Decisions, decisions. Should your broadcast be truly live? Or would you like to pre-record everything to push out at a given time? Maybe you need a combination of both.

Live broadcast

  • PRO: Maximize energy and authenticity
  • CON: Inherent risks for live shows–what if a speaker falls ill or there is a power outage at a speaker’s location?

Pre-recorded video content

  • PRO: We can ensure your content is picture perfect before pushing to your audience
  • CON: We can ensure your content is picture perfect…which sometimes leads to many rounds of content iterations, adding cost to your final project

There can be misconceptions that going with pre-recorded content means presenters cannot interact spontaneously with their audience such as responding to live Q&A. While this is true for a packaged segment, audience engagement can be solved through a variety of other tools and methods. Most of these result in what we call a simulive broadcast.

What’s simulive? The word itself is a mash up of “simulated” and “live” and refers to the practice where pre-recorded and edited content is married with truly live interactions with an audience for a broadcast that feels like a fully live show.

At Hartmann Studios, we know how to mitigate risk and ensure there are multiple redundancies in place to bring our clients peace of mind and exceed expectations for all broadcast formats.

From solo presentations to panel discussions—we’ve got you covered

Image of backstage audio and video equipment including a soundboard and monitors.

The level of complexity can vary quite a bit for remote recording sessions. Some records are fairly simple and can be managed using public-domain software and a single video engineer to support the presenter through an online connection.

For more complex recordings or live broadcasts, remote recording kits are built to connect to fully outfitted production or broadcast studio. This allows A/V producers and other technical staff to interact with the recording via cloud- or IP-based communications, often using dedicated Internet bandwidth to ensure the highest quality recording without interruption.

Practice makes perfect!

Image of a hand holding a card that has the word practice repeated on it.

As with any live presentation, the key to a successful broadcast or recording is rehearsing. We suggest allowing enough time to work with your presenters to get their remote kit setup, their slides in the correct setting, and adjust lighting and audio so they can practice as needed.

And of course our technical team is always on hand to walk them through each step of the process, providing white-glove service around the globe and around the clock.

Woman seated on a yellow couch taping video content with a remote setup.

With speech writing and coaching, Hartmann Studios can provide not only novice speakers, but the most seasoned professionals, a stress-free experience.

Punch it up with graphics and B-roll

One of the greatest advantages of recorded content is the ability to add graphics and additional video footage to enhance the viewer’s experience.

Graphic of purple, blue and teal imagery and Latin text.
  • Lower-thirds graphics for name and title animations
  • Motion graphics to punctuate key message points
  • AR and VR graphic elements to build energy and excitement
  • B-roll footage of additional environments and interactions

The possibilities are truly endless to take your audience anywhere you’d like them to go.

Are you looking to bring your content to life with upgraded production value? Our team of experts would love to design an effective experience that will make your speakers shine.

Contact us today.

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