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We are a team of Make-Believers.

Hartmann Studios was founded on the idea that experience design is a craft, so by definition, we are craftspeople. And since 1984, we’ve harnessed technical minds and creative spirits to create experiences that make audiences feel. Through intuitive design and acute storytelling, we band together to curate moments that matter. And we feel deeply lucky that this is what we call work.

100% Employee-Owned

Being an employee at Hartmann Studios doesn’t just mean you’re a member of the team—our ESOP takes ownership to a tangible level.

What Our Make-Believers Say

We treat each other like family and it shows every time we all get together, whether on an event site, in the office, on a Zoom call or off the clock. We may have a “sibling” that drives us crazy sometimes but that same sibling is always there to back us up when things hit the highest gear and it’s go time.

There is never a dull moment working here. Whether it’s watching to see if our hometown team will clinch the NBA championship only two days before a potential parade, or executing a flawless evening event at a four-star resort in Hawaii amid a hurricane—the excitement is addicting!

Our team is a diverse melting pot. An event production community with the same objective—unparalleled, meticulous event work that pleases clients over and over. On top of all that professional excellence, everyone cares about each other and has each other’s back.

Out of all my years of work experience, my favorite group of coworkers are at Hartmann Studios.

No matter what your title is, what department you belong to, or what you were scoped to do, we are one team. Whether that’s schlepping barricades in 89-degree heat or coming up with a last minute solution to accommodate 1,100 VIPs, we’re in it together. How we operate and bond in the most challenging situations is why I have been with Hartmann Studios as long as I have.

I’ve seen it happen with our clients time and time again. Clients come to us because they need someone to deliver the best experience for attendees, and we continually show them that they can believe in Hartmann Studios.

As a younger employee, new to the industry, I have gained an abundance of skills I will carry throughout my career. I have received unwavering support from all of my Hartmann Studios colleagues, helping create meaningful professional and personal growth.

Teamwork makes the dream work at Hartmann Studios! The collaborative environment, friendly faces and exciting clients convinced me to jump from independent contractor to full-time staff member when offered the opportunity. What stands out most to me are my experienced colleagues, who have become both mentors and friends over the years.

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