About Us

We transform the way business feels by delivering experiences that Make Believers.

We dream.

Wonder. Tinker. Iterate. Imagine. Laugh. Dissect. Create. Draft. Build. Ignite. Connect. Challenge. Overcome. Fuel. Craft. Draw. Paint. Shoot. Write. Sculpt. Render. Sequence. Organize. Choreograph. Perform. Direct. Surprise. Edit. Compose. Solve. Arc. Welcome. Lead. Secure. Protect. Uphold. Infuse. Unify. Charm. Design. Nourish. Conceive. Harness. Fabricate. Install. Alchemize. Produce. Deliver. 

We believe exceptional, personal moments spark enduring connection and beautiful reflection. And that’s the stuff that not only makes memories, but forges followings. Moments that break the template or disrupt the rhythm. Those moments change us. Awaken us. Renew us. 

It’s why we hold on to the small things: ticket stubs in sock drawers, lanyards on door knobs, polaroids on the fridge. And it’s why we design the kind of experiences, atmospheres, media, speeches and spectacles that naturally tuck away into corners—moments your audience will reference over drinks and recall with a smile.

So whether we’re launching a new product, humanizing a bold leader or connecting a disconnected audience, our goal is a breathtaking, almost electric sense of belonging. We want to deliver events that feel as authentic and connected to your company culture as your own products. 

Our artistic bent and dogged pursuit of operational perfection are what unites us. Our success metric is relationships. And our job (lucky us!) is to harness the magic of connection and use it to propel brands forward.

100% Employee-Owned

Being an employee at Hartmann Studios doesn’t just mean you’re a member of the team—our ESOP takes ownership to a tangible level.

Our Leadership

Adam Feilmeier


Sarah Myers

General Manager

Jeff Bogan

VP, Production

Wright Summers

VP, General Management

Tara Wallace

Sr. Director, Creative Services

Scott Lowry

EVP, Strategy

Anne Manning

EVP, Operations

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Hartmann Studios is a part of a community of companies dedicated to changing the way business feels. ITA Group helps leading brands around the world take action with confidence, resulting in increased sales, purchases, retention, referrals and alignment. Through events, incentives, recognition, loyalty, research and learning, we’re transforming how business feels for employees, channel partners and customers while helping brands create connections, motivate audiences and drive purposeful change.