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Take The Guesswork Out Of Your B2B Event Marketing Strategy

Thursday November 30, 2023

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Well-designed events can be a powerful tool for B2B marketers. In fact, right now, 76% of B2B marketers say they find significant value in the use of strategic events. An event experience is an unmatched opportunity for businesses to engage with audiences, showcase products or services, build brand awareness and establish meaningful connections with potential clients, partners and industry professionals.

Here are a few powerful ways you can leverage experiential events as a robust component in your B2B marketing strategy.

Networking opportunities: There’s really no substitute for live, in-person interactions to build and strengthen relationships. And events offer a platform for businesses to network with such a wide variety of stakeholders, including industry peers, potential clients, channel partners and key decision-makers. At a Hartmann Studios-produced event, your attendees will be immersed in and energized by your messaging at every level, from keynote to cocktail napkins, and they will leave with amplified loyalty, clarity and sense of direction. Building and nurturing relationships in personal ways, highly specific to your brand, during these experiential events lead to valuable partnerships and future business opportunities.

Brand exposure and recognition: Hosting industry-specific events can enhance brand visibility and recognition, positioning your team right where they want to be. By first establishing a solid message strategy, and then using that as a framework for showcasing products, sharing industry insights, and delivering thought leadership presentations, you establish expertise within your industry and build credibility among peers and prospects. At Hartmann Studios-produced events, we ensure no detail is overlooked  in order to best position your brand and communicate your message.

Lead generation and conversion: We all know that engaging with attendees, collecting contact information and following up with leads after the event can help businesses identify potential clients. Hartmann Studios also knows that an initial “meh” response from your attendees will be the end of the road when fostering new connections, so we leverage our insights, experience and creativity to create experiential events with engagement that surprises from the very start.

Product/service demonstrations: Live demonstrations and interactive presentations can effectively showcase the value proposition of your offerings and help prospects better understand how they can benefit from the products or services offered. This is where you can educate and motivate your channel partners and local leaders. Hartmann Studios has perfected the interactive expo, and we would love to show you what this could look like for your business.

Market research and feedback: Engaging in meaningful conversations, conducting surveys and collecting feedback during events can help businesses better understand customer needs, preferences and pain points, which can inform future product development and marketing strategies. Hartmann Studios can implement the feedback tools, collect the data, and help you interpret it and apply it to future decisions with confidence.

Industry knowledge and trends: Every day, we are inundated with more information than we have time to consume. Participating in industry events allows businesses to stay updated on the latest market trends, innovations, and best practices that are specific to their industry in highly convenient ways. This knowledge can help businesses refine their marketing strategies, stay competitive, and position themselves as industry leaders.

By leveraging events as part of your B2B marketing strategy, your brand can establish a strong market presence, foster valuable connections, and gain a deeper understanding of your target audience, all of which can contribute to long-term business growth and success. Employing a strong partner like Hartmann Studios will help you get there even faster. 

Check out more of our incredible event and experience solutions for our B2B clients.

Read the case studies here.

To learn more about our full-service event solutions, contact our Hartmann Studios team.

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