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Revolutionizing Events: Embrace The Power Of 5 Cutting-Edge Technologies

Thursday July 27, 2023

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In the dynamic world of events, technology wields immense power. It delivers personalized experiences, dissolves language barriers and provides unparalleled efficiency. With the new, exciting capabilities of AI, event planners are now presented with a host of possibilities, captivating attendees while achieving remarkable returns on investment.

Before jumping in and adding new AI tools, ensure each technology aligns with your objectives and enhances the attendee journey. Let’s delve into the top five AI event technologies currently making a statement:

1. Make it personal

A personally tailored experience will enable attendees to connect in the most meaningful ways. AI is great at taking a massive amount of data and using it to create personalized experiences. Engage platforms like On24 to empower attendees to curate their own event journey, accessing relevant content tailored to their interests and preferences.

2. Break language barriers

Language barriers dissolve as AI-powered translation tools like Interprefy enable real-time language translation, fostering seamless interaction among attendees. With a simple click, attendees communicate effortlessly. Bonus features like closed captioning and voice-over AI foster inclusivity and global connections.

3. Guest support

Make attendee support easier with AI-powered chatbots acting as virtual assistants, providing instant support for event-related queries. When integrating Freshchat into platforms like Swoogo, these virtuosos offer real-time assistance on directions, schedules and speaker information, streamlining communication and enhancing support experiences at attendees’ fingertips.

4. Facial tracking

Maximize attendee engagement through the power of facial recognition software. To help unlock unique insights about the attendee journey and content performance in real time, tools like Zenus.ai and On24 enable brand marketers to customize events, track attendee behaviors and gather invaluable data for measuring event ROI. By harnessing the power of smart cameras, these platforms astutely analyze attendees’ activities, where they choose to spend time and even capture their happiness and engagement levels through facial recognition. Armed with this understanding, event planners can finely tune content and messaging strategies to maximize event-goer attentiveness and satisfaction, leaning into the moments that resonate best with their audience.

5. Virtual host/ess

Cater to your in-person and virtual attendees with eye-catching AI-powered virtual assistants, appearing as holograms or avatars. These ethereal guides lead attendees through the event, providing real-time updates and answering questions. Leveraging partners like Creative Outbox to build this technology can provide a seamless blend of digital and human-like interaction that enhances the overall attendee experience, fostering deep engagement and impressing the hard-to-impress.

When considering how to integrate technology into your next event, let purpose guide your choices. While temptation exists to add any and all new tools, let efficiency be your ally, leveraging technology to optimize every aspect of your event without losing sight of its core objectives.

Ready to explore up-leveling your event technology strategy? Reach out and connect with us.

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