Jeff Bogan

VP, Production

There’s nothing like the adrenaline rush that builds from pre-production through the run of the actual show. It’s exciting, it’s nerve-wracking, and it’s what I love about my job. For the past 8 years, I’ve been able to experience that rush with the amazing team here at Hartmann Studios.

One of the best moments of my career came at the 2014 San Francisco Giants Parade, as I pulled some lucky families out of the parade route and put them in our VIP sections to interact with the players. The smiles on those kids faces will be something I'll always remember.

With expertise and focus, it’s my job to deliver on the best scenic production and event operations that our clients demand. Obviously, I’m an operations guy, so I’m very analytical, but I try to bring a passion into our projects and a willingness to help others at every turn. Because I know that for clients, as well as co-workers, respect is earned, not given.

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