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Oracle OpenWorld Appreciation Event


When Oracle’s OpenWorld audience of users, sponsors and key partners grew from 3,000 to a whopping 20,000, they knew their only move was to go big (really big) for their closing evening event. But when the best canvas for doing so was an abandoned military base on Treasure Island, the question became: how do you make more than just something out of nothing?


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Oracle showed its oversized appreciation through an over-the-top attendee experience. In a 30-day period, a humble parking lot on a remote island was transformed into a larger-than-life playground for adults. Amusement park rides, carnival games, craft beer and the best local fare were all accented by rarely seen vistas of the San Francisco Bay. And at the very heart of their experience: a massive headlining concert. 

While Oracle had clearly aimed to please the masses, it was their consideration of each attendee’s appetite, comfort, engagement and joy that made their Treasure Island event the most sought-after ticket in the industry.

From door-to-door shuttle service on 400+ buses to A-list entertainment too big to name here, Oracle’s attendees were undeniably wowed. And as the island was built up for the user appreciation event of the year, in just a matter of days, it was deconstructed, scrubbed and left just as quickly. So for some, the music was the highlight, for others it was the food and fun company, but what Oracle gave to all of its attendees was a huge experience, on an impossible island, in a fleeting moment. 


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