December 15, 2023

Is Your Party On Point? Three Key Questions to Answer Before Planning the Ultimate Soirée

Hartmann Studios

You’ve just been tasked with organizing your next corporate party. Your budget? The sky’s the limit. (This is hypothetical. Stay with us.) While it may be tempting to immediately check on Taylor Swift’s availability, there are a few questions we recommend you first ask yourself—three to be exact—to ensure your celebration is a success.

“What’s the purpose?”

“A great party, of course,” says the extrovert. And while this is true, it’s also an incomplete answer. After all, the purpose of any corporate experience is to expand or deepen your audience’s connection with your brand. Perhaps you’re honoring a person or group of people, such as an anniversary celebration. Evening events can be a fantastic way to kick off a multi-day conference, signaling to your audience how valued they are and the importance of the experience they will have over the next few days. Similarly, a celebration at the end of your meeting serves as the grand finalé, leaving your guests exhilarated and motivated to act. 

“What does my audience want?”

Taking inventory of who comprises your audience is another key consideration. If your audience is largely made up of introverts, consider moving away from a costume bash and toward an option that includes areas for smaller, more intimate settings. If your party is located in the U.S., scheduling it from around 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. is fairly typical, but don’t forget to consider if your guests have just traveled in from a variety of time zones. If your fête is in Europe, consider a later start and longer duration. Concerts with headlining acts can be both exciting and memorable, but if your audience is mostly remote workers, perhaps they’d rather enjoy the time to converse. 

“How can we create a once-in-a-lifetime experience?” 

The purpose of any event is to deliver a message that motivates your audience to action. To do this, you want to create an experience that can only be had at your event. An experience that is so special, so unique, so meaningful it leaves an indelible mark in the minds of each attendee.

The good news is, once-in-a-lifetime experiences come in all shapes and price tags. And just because an experience is expensive doesn’t mean it’s appropriate for your audience. Often,  a less-expensive, more targeted approach will create the lasting effect you seek. This is where a seasoned brand experience agency can help you identify the best event activations that will make an impact on your audience while delivering long-lasting results. 

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