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Since 1984, Hartmann Studios has partnered with global Fortune 500 corporations and smaller premiere brands to produce unforgettable experiences enjoyed by tens of millions of people. The feeling that comes from being face-to-face with a live audience is truly something special, and it drives our team to constantly raise the bar for engagement, entertainment and connection in the virtual events and conferences we produce.

Right now, there’s a huge opportunity for brands to engage audiences more than they ever have before with virtual events. And to do that, they need a strategic partner with a history of delivering big. We’ve been creating remote events for years for organizations like BlackBerry, Oracle and Samsung.

Creating human connection and ROI

Virtual events bring people with similar goals, backgrounds, interests or expertise together in an interactive, virtual environment on the internet, instead of at a physical location. Typically, they include live-streamed keynote presentations and interactive sessions that people attend just as they would at an in-person event.

But these involve so much more than just live-streaming content—a successful virtual event needs strategy, design, technical expertise and flawless coordination behind the scenes.

We believe that in order to be memorable and impactful, online events must include:

  1. A highly engaging experience for the audience and the presenters
  2. Opportunities for people to make authentic, meaningful connections
  3. Personalized touches that make the audience feel like active participants
  4. A vision for repurposing content in a meaningful way to drive ROI beyond the event itself
  5. A solid measurement plan—virtual events provide rich analytics with some careful pre-planning
Virtual event production

virtual event production

Virtual event production has been part of our service offering for more than a decade. Ask anyone on the Hartmann Studios team to share some examples of ones we’ve had a hand in, and BlackBerry 10’s global launch event will likely be at the top of their list. We wound up going around the world in one day.

Behind the scenes at BlackBerry 10's global launch.

As the creative lead for this event, we conceived and produced the first simultaneous global launch of a mobile device platform in seven cities on four continents, while live-streaming on multiple digital platforms.

Even though there were over 80,000 virtual attendees, we created an environment that captured the excitement and buzz of hundreds of thousands of people, but was still intimate and exclusive enough to the audience in New York seeing the product first-hand. The goal was to deliver the same user experience whether you were in the room in New York or watching from Paris.

This was a pivotal moment for BlackBerry, and there was no room for technical difficulties or service interruptions. We executed flawlessly, and here’s how:

  • We enlisted the help of over 20 best-in-class agencies in six cities spread across four continents
  • We set up an elaborate system of satellite back-ups at each location to transmit the show on multiple platforms
  • We deployed specialized tech teams to each of the seven launch sites to test power and satellite feeds
  • Two weeks before the event, we staged a satellite-to-satellite, venue-to-venue test to replicate anything that could go wrong

It took creativity and collaboration, coupled with our team’s vision, expertise and oversight to launch BlackBerry 10 around the world in one day.

Virtual event behind the scenes

Your virtual event management partner

Whether you’re transitioning your physical conference to a virtual conference or you’re starting from scratch, count on Hartmann Studios to continue raising the bar for exceptional experiences. Contact us to discuss your upcoming virtual event production needs. 

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