Networking, Sales, Incentive Programs and Product Launches

We meticulously craft global experiences that bring strategy and company goals to life. With unmatched service and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, we deliver flawless programs that provide memorable experiences that live on post-event.

Our balanced approach fuels our teams to build creative experiential events that are incredibly innovative and skillfully executed, while keeping our client’s brand identity top of mind.

Hartmann Studios’ ability to provide white-glove service for C-suite executives is unsurpassed in the industry and our international vendor relationships enable us to execute and partner with experts around the globe.

We’ve worked with Fortune 100 companies to provide unique events and experiences that align our clients’ cultures, finding meaningful ways to engage employees, customers and event attendees by developing industry networking and sales programs with buzz-worthy opportunities. 

Producing events in the highly competitive corporate world requires strong creative talent and technical expertise. Done well, a highly-anticipated and sought-after sales incentive program drives motivation for peak performance. And a skillful product launch will connect your audience to your brand in new and different ways to cut through today’s marketing clutter.

Bringing life to an event, whether online or in person, can be challenging with strict timelines, specific company initiatives to incorporate, and a keen focus on measuring ROI. 

But, of course, we love a good challenge.

Hartmann Studios has a knack for stretching our creative muscle to blur lines and push boundaries, transforming the way attendees consume content and connect to your brand, propelling them forward with maximum drive and determination.

Let us take your networking, sales, incentive or product-focused program to the next level.

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