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Right now, there’s a huge opportunity for brands to engage audiences more than they ever have before with virtual and hybrid events. And to do that well, they need a strategic partner with a history of delivering big, producing everything from live broadcasts to complex digital events using smart sets, virtual platforms and a wide variety of online engagement tools. 

The feeling that comes from being face-to-face with a live audience is truly something special, and it drives our team to constantly raise the bar for engagement, entertainment and connection in the virtual events and conferences we produce.

Whether you call them virtual, online, digital or broadcast events, they involve so much more than just live-streaming content. A successful virtual event needs strategy, design, technical expertise and flawless coordination behind the scenes.

We believe memorable and impactful virtual and hybrid events include:

  1. A highly engaging experience for the audience and the presenters
  2. Opportunities for people to make authentic, meaningful connections
  3. Personalized touches that make the audience feel like active participants
  4. A vision for repurposing content in a meaningful way to drive ROI beyond the event itself
  5. A solid measurement plan—virtual events provide rich analytics with some careful pre-planning

More so than ever, we’ve been thinking a lot about everything from the technical requirements to new ways to craft content and creative for the online environment.

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