Conferences, Trade Shows and Training Events

At Hartmann Studios, we focus on the big picture. We also obsess over every last detail. And we deliver results that speak to the heart of our client’s brand and culture.

From user and developer conferences, to sophisticated online training courses and highly custom trade show floors, we revel at bringing audiences together within both virtual and physical environments, creating engaging sponsor experiences and enabling rich multi-way communication.

We create incredible moments through conference and trade show management, exhibit hall design, sponsorship design and execution, and event marketing campaigns.  

The power in these specialized events is bringing like-minded people together to learn new skills, review the latest products or technologies, network and celebrate advancements in the industry.

They are also a very powerful marketing tool, providing an incredible environment for companies to build brand awareness, for consumers to engage with and learn from industry professionals, and celebrate advancements in the industry.

The attendee journey is extremely important when measuring the success of a conference, trade show or training event. From start to finish, we customize and tailor every aspect to ensure a unique, exciting, interactive and satisfying conference experience down to the individual.

Are you planning a conference? From conceptualization and strategy, to production and execution, Hartmann Studios brings end-to-end integrated solutions, creating unforgettable, high-quality experiences.

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